Clinical Elective

For International Students (Clinical Elective)

International student Admission
Exchange Students - If you are currently a student from one of our partner universities (see News/MOU).

  • Contact the international education office at your Faculty of Medicine of your university to find out whether there is an active exchange program between the Faculty of Medicine of your university and Thammasat University, and consult with them about which admission path which will be faster and easier.
  • You can find on this website detailed information, a downloadable application form, and the links to each international program in Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat university.

    Non-Exchange Students - If you come from a non-partner university or would like to apply directly to Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University.
  • You can still use the same downloadable application form but choose the different tick-box.


If you come from IFMSA or AMSA, please review the following documents:

  • Elective Information Guideline for Incoming International Students
  • Student Exchange Program

     International Student Services


    • Getting Started

      Welcome to Faculty of Medicine, you probably are looking forward to your arrival in Bangkok. On this page, please follow the guideline provided as it has useful information you may need once you arrive at the airport, such as information on accommodation and transportation. Next, please download and fill student application form and send it back to as soon as possible.
    • Post-Arrival Accommodation & Airport Pick-up

      Our dormitory available at the Faculty of Medicine and Thammasat University Hospital is clean, safe, within the walking distance to the Hospital with a reasonable price. Pre-booking is compulsory at least two months before your arrival.  You can find information and price list of the dormitory Student Accommodation Application Form at our contact person

      Prearranged airport pick-up is available through our contact person.

      Please be notified that our Faculty of Medicine and Thammasat University Hospital is situated in the Rangsit Campus in Pathumthani province (in the Greater Bangkok region, a short distance from Bangkok) and not in central Bangkok, Pattaya or Lampung, where Thammasat has other campuses.

    Bangkok International Airport

    You can find information about the airport at Most international flights (from outside of South-eastern Asia) will land at Suvarnabhumi Airport, while many flights from neighbouring countries or within Thailand arrive in Bangkok at Don Muang Airport.

    International Student's Orientation

    When students are coming to Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University from overseas, it is important to inform them how to live and study in Thailand comfortably. The Associate Dean for International Affairs or our officers will host the student orientation on the first day of your studies or clerkship at the Dean"s office on the second floor of the Faculty of Medicine building.

    Incoming trip to Thammasat

    We routinely host approximately 60 medical students from abroad annually. We do need help from our medical students to be their buddy during the visit. Current Thai students of Thammasat University are encouraged to join our buddy corps to guide and assist new arrivals. For those interested in welcoming our new guests more information can be obtained at the Office of Student Affairs, Faculty of Medicine. Volunteerships will be announced one month before the expected date of new arrivals.

    Testimonials from the Global Community

    International Programs

    Undergraduate Degree (6-year program)

    An M.D. prgram in English is sometimes offered, please confirm with the admissions staff for the next available commencement date (note: knowledge of the Thai language is also necessary as the internship phase works with Thai patients).

    Postgraduate Degrees

    An MSs and PhD in Medicine is open to all students worldwide who are recommended by a mentor from Thammasat or a partner university.

    Elective Program for Residency Training

    We regularly have residents and fellowships participate the training courses at our Department of Medicine (infectious diseases), Radiology, Orthopedics (minimal invasive and sport medicine), etc. The course is available upon requested.

    Students Facilities

    We provide a full range of services and support for all international students who come to Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University. We offer the following services:

    • General information about international programs offered by the Faculty of Medicine
    • Pre-arrival information, coordination and visa guidance
    • Assistance in arranging housing /accommodation for incoming students
    • Orientation and cultural programs
    • Ongoing advisor and academic and intercultural counseling services
    • On-campus liaison,when needed,with other university services
    • Information on current activities at the university
    • General information about cultural events and entertainment activities in Bangkok and the surrounding area.

    We also help students to adjust to their new surroundings once they arrive by offering a reliable medical student buddy and consultation they can turn to. OIA staff are here to answer questions that inevitably arise to foreign students to gain their living comfort.

    Food Service

    Recommended guidelines for eating food in Thailand:
    enjoy looking but avoid indiscriminate sampling from street stalls and markets. Eat only freshly prepared cooked food served hot. If the soup broth is boiling you can assume it is safe. Avoid raw meats and seafood, and dishes made with these ingredients. Generally these are from the northern or north-eastern areas of Thailand.  Always drink bottled water, which is sold everywhere.

    Many people on campus eat in the student cafeteria areas, located in several places on the ground floor of the connected buildings to the hospital and Faculty of Medicine area. The food is fresh, varied and inexpensive. A variety of Thai-Style foods, vegetarian and halal dishes and drinks are available at the very low cost of 20-30 Bahts (lower than one euro). These canteen areas are open Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.; some stalls are open on Saturday and Sunday.

    Health Center

    Students at Rangsit Campus have full access to university clinics which provide free-of-charge essential healthcare. Note that health insurance is still compulsory in case of an unfortunate health-related event in which extra medical care is required.

    Any students who need hospital attention will be admitted at the Thammasat University Hospital.