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Assoc. Prof. Dilok Piyayotai, M.D.


The Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University was established twenty-six years ago as an institute that nurtures medical practitioners in public health; in particular, graduates in medicine (doctors), medical scientists, and applied Thai traditional therapists who are skillful, virtuous and ethical. Through its quality educational programs and management it has continuously promoted academic development in the fields of medicine and science as well as actively promoted medical research both in Thailand and in co-operation with medical facilities around the globe.

Additionally, academic and therapeutic services are enthusiastically and collaboratively provided by the faculty's administrators and all members of the staff who have a commitment to step forward together to achieve the university's core values.

Studious, Virtuous and Collaborative


Studious =ongoing review and update of skills and breakthroughs in medicine, lifelong learning
Virtuous = Adhere to the highest ethical standards
Collaborative = Work cooperatively to reach the institute’s goals with sincerity and good relationships


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